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Bleeding through the fiber interstices of a knitted Dacron graft 12 years after its implantation: Report of a case


We present herein the case of a 65-year-old man who suddenly developed fresh perigraft bleeding into the space between a knitted Dacron bifurcated graft and the aneurysmal sac, 12 years after undergoing graft replacement. Intraoperative findings did not show Dacron fiber degeneration at the nonanastomotic sites or a pseudoaneurysm at the anastomotic site. Widened Dacron fiber interstices resulting from graft dilation without sufficient graft healing was thought to have caused delayed hemorrhage through the macroscopically intact graft material, followed by massive clot retention between the graft and the aneurysmal sac. This case report serves to demonstrate that careful long-term follow-up is essential for patients who have undergone vascular graft replacement.

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Akiyama, K., Takazawa, A., Hirota, J. et al. Bleeding through the fiber interstices of a knitted Dacron graft 12 years after its implantation: Report of a case. Surg Today 29, 953–956 (1999).

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