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Primary lymphoma of the central nervous system: A clinicopathologic study

  • Eiji Taniguchi
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We performed clinicopathologic examinations of 27 cases of primary lymphoma of the central nervous system not related to acquired immune deficiency syndrome. We considered age and change of performance status (PS) to be especially important in clinical examination. We also conducted pathological studies of these tumors and the characteristics of their cells, in order to characterize pathological subtypes, cell kinetics, and involvement of viruses. PS of patients more than 70 years old decreased markedly before treatment and did not show the improvement after treatment that was exhibited by those under 70 years of age. Low PS (60% or less) after initial treatment, high MIB-1 positivity (over 44.0%), and high counts of AgNOR (over 4.56/cell) were significantly associated with lower survival rates. Patients with immunoblastic lymphoma and high MIB-1 positivity are likely to die from general debilitation, without evidence of recurrence from imaging. Preoperative steroid therapy was significantly associated with higher apoptotic positivity.

Key words

CNS lymphoma MIB-1 Apoptosis Epstein-Barr virus 


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  • Eiji Taniguchi
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  1. 1.Department of NeurosurgeryNational Hospital Kure Medical CenterHiroshimaJapan

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