The bulletin of mathematical biophysics

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The behavior of the weakening and failing myocardium

  • Sidney Roston


Use of an electrical model of the left ventricle of the heart and the arterial system permits analysis of the changes which take place as the capacity of the myocardium for generation of force decreases. The model is simple in structure, and its construction and practical testing would not be difficult. It demonstrates that, as the heart muscle weakens, the peak of intracardiac force occurs later in systole, and the difference between the intracardiac pressure and the aortic pressure in the second half of systole is much greater than for the normal heart. The feedback mechanisms which are proposed to affect myocardial contractility would affect this compensation for cardiac weakening. Indices to categorize the behavior of the normal, compensated though weakened, and decompensated myocardium are proposed.


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  • Sidney Roston
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  1. 1.Department of MedicineUniversity of Louisville School of MedicineLouisville

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