Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

, Volume 39, Issue 5, pp 782–791 | Cite as

Plane problem of asymmetrical wave impact on an elastic plate

  • A. A. Korobkin
  • T. I. Khabakhpasheva


The problem of wave impact on the edge of an elastic horizontal plate is studied within the framework of the Wagner approach using the normal-modes method. The plate is governed by the Euler beam equation with simply supported ends. The liquid is assumed to be ideal and incompressible. The problem is coupled: the elastic and hydrodynamic characteristics of the impact process and the dimension of the contact region should be found simulatenously. An algorithm that permits a detailed study of the impact on an elastic plate is proposed. The phenomenon of unlimited increase of hydrodynamic loads owing to the plate flexibility (blockage) is revealed for fairly long plates.


Impact Velocity Contact Region Elastic Plate Wave Crest Wave Impact 
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  • A. A. Korobkin
  • T. I. Khabakhpasheva

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