Numerical study of nonlinear dynamics of hydroelastically connected, plane curvilinear rods

  • Yu. V. Egunov
  • A. V. Kochetkov


The nonlinear dynamics of hydroelastically connected, plane curvilinear rods is studied. We take into account the reciprocal effect of deformation and hydrodynamics processes, large displacements and strains of the rods, the preliminary static stress-strain state, and the nonstationary fluid flow. A method is proposed for numerical solution of initial boundary-value problems. The effects of the hydroelastic interaction are investigated. The effect of various factors on the dynamics of a damaged pipeline is analyzed.


Large Displacement Displacement Rate Axial Line Hydrodynamic Process Poisson Effect 
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  • Yu. V. Egunov
  • A. V. Kochetkov

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