The effect of pressing conditions on the strength of lithium hydride upon compression

  • V. K. Golubev
  • K. G. Rabinovich
  • L. V. Polyakov


Sodium Chloride Fracture Stress Granulometric Composition Pressing Pressure Lithium Hydroxide 
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    V. K. Golubev, K. G. Rabinovich, G. V. Asabova, and T. V. Kazakovskaya, “The effect of the initial state of a powder and the pressing pressure on powder compressibility and the strength of the sodium chloride samples obtained”, in:Progress in Atomic Engineering, Ser. production Engineering and Advanced Technology in Instrument Making, No. 5 (1991), pp. 9–12.Google Scholar

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  • V. K. Golubev
  • K. G. Rabinovich
  • L. V. Polyakov

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