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A modified HPLC method for analysis of PSP toxins in algae and shellfish from china


Improvements to an established HPLC method are introduced. The modified method is more efficient for separation and detection of the toxins reponsible for paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP). The PSP toxin cotent of two strains ofAlexandrium tamarense and approximately forty shellfish samples collected from different locations in China have been analyzed with this HPLC method. Only one shellfish sample, collected from Lianyungang, China, contained PSP toxins.

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Yu, R.C., Hummert, C., Luckas, B. et al. A modified HPLC method for analysis of PSP toxins in algae and shellfish from china. Chromatographia 48, 671–676 (1998).

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Key Words

  • Column liquid chromatography
  • Paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP)
  • Alexandrium tamarense