Metal Science and Heat Treatment

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Some special features of cold deformation of the intermetallic compound Ni3Al with single-crystal and directed structures

  • A. S. Verin
Heat-Resistant Steels


The strength and strain characteristics of the intermetallic compound Ni3Al with an almost stoichiometric composition and directed and single-crystal structures has virtually not been studied at a high temperature either in Russia or abroad. This is explainable by the imperfect technology of directed crystallization of high-temperature alloys used at present, although the method has wide possibilities. Implementation of the method provides structures that are stable at high temperatures. The present paper is devoted to some special features of the deformation of specimens of various shapes fabricated from this material with directed and single-crystal structures.


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  • A. S. Verin
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  1. 1.All-Russia Institute of Aircraft MaterialsMoscowRussia

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