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Unidimensional mathematical model of the cold reduction of sheet

  • V. S. Sevast'yanov
  • Yu. N. Belobrov
  • V. N. Tiunov
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As is known, sheet metal undergoing cold reduction exerts large unit pressures on the rolls. Thus, the total pressures exerted on the rolls by the sheet are also large. With respect to the magnitudes of the stresses (working, mechanical) created in the work rolls during their interaction, with the sheet and the magnitudes of the residual “quenching” and thermal stresses created by nonuniform temperature fields, the rolls operate in a state that is close to the limiting state defined by the given strength criterion. Thus, the problems encountered in attempting to improve the service life of the rolls are closely related to the need for detailed, systematic study of each type of stress individually.


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  • V. S. Sevast'yanov
  • Yu. N. Belobrov
  • V. N. Tiunov

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