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Occurrence ofHebeloma vinosophyllum on the forest ground after decomposition of crow carcass


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Hebeloma vinosophyllum (Basidiomycota, Agaricales), a member of the ammonia fungi, occurred on the ground in the close vicinity of the decomposed carcass of a jungle crow,Corvus macrorhynchos, in a forest dominated byQuercus spp. in Urawa, Saitama Pref., central Japan. This is the first report of an ammonia fungus occurring at the site of a decomposed wild bird carcass.

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Fukiharu, T., Yokoyama, G. & Oba, T. Occurrence ofHebeloma vinosophyllum on the forest ground after decomposition of crow carcass. Mycoscience 41, 401–402 (2000).

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