Geo-Marine Letters

, Volume 2, Issue 3–4, pp 237–238 | Cite as

Pressure equalization tube for seafloor corers

  • Carey Ingram


A design is presented for a pressure equalization conduit to eliminate suction at the lower end of seafloor coring devices during extraction from the bottom. Tests performed in 1967 indicated that the conduit can minimize core disturbance that is otherwise induced by the suction created during removal of the corer from the seabed.


Shear Strength Pressure Differential Entire Water Column Core Liner Cable Tension 
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    Ingram, C., 1967, Vacuum relief conduit for seafloor corers and probes. U.S. Patent No. 3,373,826, March 19, 1967.Google Scholar

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  • Carey Ingram
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  1. 1.NSTL StationU.S. Naval Oceanographic OfficeBay St. Louis

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