Geo-Marine Letters

, Volume 2, Issue 3–4, pp 117–122 | Cite as

Results of a known seafloor instability event

  • David B. Prior
  • James M. Coleman
  • Brian D. Bornhold


A submarine sediment instability event (landslide) occurred at Kitimat, British Columbia, in 1975. Recent high-resolution surveys provide details of the resulting seafloor morphology. The effects of the slide include modification of the fjord head delta-front slopes, transport of delta sediments into deep water and mixing with deep water, fjord bottom clays. Distinctive features include the results of shallow rotational sliding, tearing and shearing, compressional folding and long distance block gliding at the downslope slide terminus.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • David B. Prior
    • 1
  • James M. Coleman
    • 1
  • Brian D. Bornhold
    • 2
  1. 1.Coastal Studies InstituteLouisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge
  2. 2.Geological Survey of CanadaPacific Geoscience CenterSidneyCanada

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