Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

, Volume 13, Issue 12, pp 1077–1080 | Cite as

Hamiltonian system and simpletic geometry in mechanics of composite materials (II) —Plane stress problem

  • Zhong Wan-xie
  • Ouyang Hua-jiang


Fundamental theory presented in Part (I)[8] is used to analyze anisotropic plane stress problems. First we construct the generalized variational principle to enter Hamiltonian system and get Hamiltonian differential operator matrix; then we solve eigen problem; finally, we present the process of obtaining analytical solutions and semi-analytical solutions for anisotropic plane stress problems on rectangular area.

Key words

anisotropy linear theory of elasticity Hamiltonian matrix analytical solution semi-analytical solution/simpletic geometry 


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Copyright information

© Shanghai University of Technology (SUT) 1992

Authors and Affiliations

  • Zhong Wan-xie
    • 1
  • Ouyang Hua-jiang
    • 1
  1. 1.Dalian University of TechnologyDalian

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