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Light-dependent synthesis of glutamate inRhodospirillum rubrum

Physiological evidence for ammonia assimilation via the glutamine synthetase and glutamine: 2-oxoglutarate amino-transferase system
  • J. Howard Slater
  • Ian Morris


The relative sizes of the macro amino acid pools inRhodospirillum rubrum, as measured by the incorporation of [14C]-carbon dioxide, were approximately the same in the four different cultures examined; mid-exponential phase and initial stationary phase batch culture organisms and two steady state turbidostat continuous cultures. Glutamate was the dominant amino acid labelled with lower levels of labelling in glutamine, aspartate, alanine and threonine to complete the major amino acid pools.

Glutamine synthesis was a light-dependent process in the four cultures examined whereas the synthesis of glutamate was light-dependent only in the stationary phase batch culture organisms and in low cell density turbidostat organisms. These results are presented as physiological evidence for the activity of the ATP-requiring GS-GOGAT system for ammonia assimilation under certain growth conditions inRhodospirillum rubrum.


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  • J. Howard Slater
    • 1
  • Ian Morris
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Botany and MicrobiologyUniversity CollegeLondon

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