Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

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Correction of lipid metabolism with chenodeoxycholic acid and galenic preparations in experiment

  • Yu. A. Bogdarin
  • O. V. Vinnitskaya
Experimental Methods for Clinical Practice


In a rabbit model of cholestasis (40% ligation of the common bile duct), the size and number of cholesterol calculi in the gallbladder drop markedly after therapy with chenodeoxycholic acid (1.5 mg/kg once daily for 2–3 months) or with the new galenic preparation ekvalen (daily administration in a dose of 1.5 ml/kg in a 16–18% aqueous ethanol solution for 7 days at 3–4-day intervals during a 1–3-month period). Normalization of lipid metabolism in the enterohepatic system is documented.

Key Words

cholestasis lipid metabolism chenodeoxycholic acid galenic preparations 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Yu. A. Bogdarin
    • 1
  • O. V. Vinnitskaya
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of Children GastroenterologyMinistry of Health of RussiaNizhni Novgorod

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