Hydrotechnical Construction

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Incidents on structures of the Kolyma hydroelectric station during construction and temporary operation

  • Yu. I. Frishter
  • O. A. Kogodovskii
Construction Organization and Technology


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    When constructing earth dams the inclusion of foreign members in the form of reinforced-concrete galleries, shafts, etc., in the body of the structure is impermissible. It is also desirable to eliminate the construction of a grouting gallery under the dam. The foundation should be grouted either before or after constructing the dam.

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    Installation of monitoring and measuring equipment for observations during operation must be done after completing construction of the dam. Installation of MME during construction leads to its complete disturbance, holds up the rate of filling, and affects the quality of the works.


It is impermissible to construct concrete galleries on made ground. Elements of the dam should be constructed on a homogeneous foundation.


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