International Journal of Anthropology

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Multiple stochastic correlations among some cranioscopic traits

  • A. Wiercińska


The traditional cranioscopic traits possess undoubted taxonomic value in interpreting interpopulational relationships. However, there is a lack of studies on the correlations between particular traits. In order to fill this gap, the following set of 4 traits was analysed by use of the multiple stachastic correlations method of Wanke: 1. prominence of maxilla, 2. lower margin of nasal aperture, 3. depth of canine fossa and 4. depth of maxillary incisure. These traits were examined by use of the photographic scales of Michalski within the series of 104 crania from a local population of Wislica, Poland, dated to the Early Medieval Period. The significant associations appeared in the combinations 1–2, 1–3, 3–4, 1–2–3, 1–2–4, 1–3–4, 2–3–4 and 1–2–3–4. After removal of all the possible interactions, still significant associations remained in 1–2–4, 2–3–4, and 1–3–4. Moreover, the places of significant surpluses appeared in the extreme places, i.e. those characterising the Europoid and Mongoloid crania.


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  • A. Wiercińska
    • 1
  1. 1.Anthrop. Lab.State Archaeological MuseumWarsawPoland

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