Russian Physics Journal

, Volume 39, Issue 9, pp 888–892 | Cite as

Emission of a photon by an electron in a radiation-dominant universe

  • N. N. Medvedev
  • L. I. Tsaregorodtsev
Physics of Elementary Particles and Field Theory


The process by which a photon is emitted by an electron in a radiation-dominant universe is considered, under the assumption that an arbitrary number of pairs are produced from a vaccum. In a flat space this process is forbidden by the laws of conservation. The dependence of the probability and the mean number of created particles on the energy of the initial electron is investigated. In the limiting cases (initial electron with high or low energies), approximate expressions are found for the probability that a photon is emitted by an electron as well as for the total probability of the process, including production of photons and pairs from a vacuum. Approximate expressions are obtained for the mean number of particles that are produced in the course of inelastic scattering of an electron in the early Universe.


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  • N. N. Medvedev
  • L. I. Tsaregorodtsev

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