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, Volume 39, Issue 6, pp 548–553 | Cite as

Creep phenomena during uniaxial stretching of filamentary germanium crystals

  • A. I. Drozhzhin
  • A. P. Ermakov
Solid-State Physics


We have studied creep phenomena occurring under a uniaxial stretch load of 104–106 Pa in initially dislocation-free filamentary p-Ge <111> crystals, both with perfect (mirror-like) and with defected (matte finish) surfaces. Tests were performed in a vacuum of 5·10−5 T, at a temperature of 1100 K. The structure of the filamentary crystals was monitored by selective and layer-by-layer etching, x-ray diffraction, metallography, and internal friction. Complete kinetic creep curves have been obtained and we have studied the fine structure of the rotations. We observe a sudden occurrence of a process, the characteristics of which depend mainly on the diameter (a size effect), and the random scatter of individual values demonstrates the statistical nature of the defects responsible for the phenomenon. In order to explain the multiplicity of dislocations observed, we have proposed a model based on breaching a macroscopic Eshelby potential barrier by an accumulation of defects which interact strongly with the free surface.


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  • A. I. Drozhzhin
  • A. P. Ermakov

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