Russian Physics Journal

, Volume 39, Issue 5, pp 477–479 | Cite as

Generalization of the Boltzmann distribution for a nonideal gas

  • A. P. Kasatkin
  • A. A. Yankina
Optics and Spectroscopy


Using the concept of forbidden and accessible volumes to find the center of an individual particle in some volume, it is shown that the Boltzmann distribution is disrupted close to a shell bounding a nonideal gas. For an inhomogeneous weakly nonideal gas, an expression generalizing the Boltzmann distribution is obtained, including a dependence on parameters characterizing the particle interaction. It may be of interest to generalize this distribution to a system of Coulomb particles in order to consider the enriched and inversional layers arising in semiconductor structures.


Boltzmann Distribution Gibbs Distribution Particle Distribution Function Elastic Sphere Accessible Volume 
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  • A. P. Kasatkin
  • A. A. Yankina

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