Glycemic index of grain amaranth, wheat and rice in NIDDM subjects


Glycemic index of grain amaranth, wheat and rice preparations was studied in noninsulin dependent diabetic subjects. Diets containing 50 g carbohydrate equivalent were given and post-prandial blood glucose estimated at different intervals. Glycemic index calculated for different experimental diets showed that GI of amaranth-wheat composite flour diet (25∶75) was the least (65.6%) followed by wheat diet (65.7%), rice diet (69.2%), amaranth-wheat flour 50∶50 (75.5%), and popped amaranth in milk (97.3%). Therefore 25∶75 combination of amaranth and wheat, wheat and rice can be considered low GI food, 50∶50 grain amaranth and wheat medium GI food and popped amaranth and milk combination high GI food.

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