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The pebble tool or chopper/chopping tool industry in China

  • Fang Yingsan


Several paleolithic sites (or localities) with cultural characteristics in common have been found in South China in recent years. They are paleolithic sites in Beise, Guangxi; in the upper reaches of the Han River, Shaanxi; Shuiyang River, Anhui; Li River and Yuan River, Human; Liao River, Jiangxi; etc.. The sites show some similarities in the stone tool industry which are as follows; large tools are more common than small ones; pebble tools are more common than flakes; and the chopper/chopping tools are more common than scrapers. This indicates that the paleolithic cultures in South China are part of the pebble tool — chopper/chopping tool tradition which is similar to that in Southeast Asia, but has many differences in certain aspects from the culture of North China. The area where the sites have been found covers large parts of Southeast China, including the Yangtze River valley (23°50′–33°5′ N, 104°38′–119° E).

Key words

Pebble tool Chopper/chopping tools Industry China 


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  • Fang Yingsan
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  1. 1.Institute of Relics and Archaeology of Anhui Provincehefei, Anhui ProvinceChina

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