Journal of Mathematical Sciences

, Volume 90, Issue 5, pp 2416–2420 | Cite as

Padé approximation and generalized moments

  • M. M. Chip


We propose studying generalized moment representations of a form in which it suffices to apply a system of orthogonal polynomials in order to procure the biorthogonality conditions in the construction of superdiagonal Padé polynomials using generalized moment representations. The algebraic polynomials in the moment representation are to be sought as the linear forms of biorthogonal polynomials. We obtain the relations between the coefficients of these linear forms and the generalized moments, and we also establish conditions for the existence and uniqueness of generalized moment representations of polynomial form.


Linear Form Orthogonal Polynomial Linear Algebraic Equation Polynomial Form Algebraic Polynomial 
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  • M. M. Chip

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