Journal of Mathematical Sciences

, Volume 74, Issue 4, pp 1142–1144 | Cite as

Steady longitudinal vibrations of the components of cylindrically anisotropic plates

  • M. N. Gofman
  • A. S. Kosmodamianskii


Using the perturbation method we solve the problem of steady longitudinal vibrations of cylindrically anisotropic plates consisting of a finite number of circular rings welded together. A numerical study is carried out for a five-layer plate in the case when the outer boundary is subject to a load and the inner boundary is load-free. The graphs of the stress distributions are given. Two figures. Bibliography: 5 titles.


Recurrence Relation Outer Boundary Polar Coordinate System Longitudinal Vibration Circular Ring 
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  • M. N. Gofman
  • A. S. Kosmodamianskii

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