Zur Thermodynamik dissoziierter Gleichgewichtsgemische in äusseren Kraftfeldern

  • Wolfgang Pauli


For the example of the dissociation of iodine molecules into atoms, a method is given for the treatment of the thermochemical equilibrium, which differs fromvan't Hoff's classic method by using only stable equilibrium states without any devices for changing the velocity of the reaction. Instead, the postulate is applied that the general hydrostatic condition of the equilibrium in external magnetic fields for constant temperature (Gibbs) must be compatible with the thermodynamic condition for the chemical equilibrium. The known properties of the mixture in equilibrium have been derived and the specialization for the validity of the laws of ideal gases is also given.


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  • Wolfgang Pauli
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  1. 1.Physikalisches Institut der ETHZürichSchweiz

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