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Expression of mouse dihydrofolate reductase gene confers methotrexate resistance in transgenic petunia plants

  • David A. Eichholtz
  • Stephen G. Rogers
  • Robert B. Horsch
  • Harry J. Klee
  • Maria Hayford
  • Nancy L. Hoffmann
  • Sarah B. Braford
  • Cindy Fink
  • Jeff Flick
  • Keith M. O'Connell
  • Robert T. Fraley


Transgenic petunia plants containing an altered (Leu22→Arg22) mouse dihydrofolate reductase gene fused to the cauliflower mosiac virus 35S (CaMV 35S) promoter and nopaline synthase (nos) polyadenylation site were obtained by transforming petunia leaf disks with anAgrobacterium tumefaciens strain carrying the chimeric gene. Transformants were directly selected for and rooted on medium containing 1ΜM methotrexate (MTX). The chimeric gene was present in the regenerated plants at one to three copies and produced the expected 950-nucleotide-long transcript based on Southern and Northern hybridization analyses, respectively. Leaf pieces from the regenerated transgenic plants were able to form callus when cultured on medium containing 1 ΜM MTX and were able to incorporate32P into high-molecular-weight DNA in the presence of > 100 ΜM MTX, thus demonstrating that the chimeric mouse dhfr gene was fully functional and useful as a selectable marker in plant transformation experiments. To date, this is the first report of successful expression of a vertebrate gene in transformed plant cells.


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  • David A. Eichholtz
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  • Stephen G. Rogers
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  • Robert B. Horsch
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  • Harry J. Klee
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  • Maria Hayford
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  • Nancy L. Hoffmann
    • 1
  • Sarah B. Braford
    • 1
  • Cindy Fink
    • 1
  • Jeff Flick
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  • Keith M. O'Connell
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  • Robert T. Fraley
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