A view on microbial ecology

  • A. Kjøller
Ecology and Agricultural Aspects


In the research areas referred to above the Department of General Microbiology in Copenhagen is involved directly or indirectly. Microbial ecology in Denmark is wider in its scope and other departments or groups are active in different research areas.

Marine and limnic sediments have been studied with great success in the Department of Ecology and Genetics in Aarhus, and in recent years several microelectrodes for detailed studies of microbial processes have been developed.

A new research group on rhizosphere studies has been established at the Agricultural University, Section for Microbiology. New detection systems are being developed for study of specific bacterial strains (Pseudomonas spp) and their functional role.

All of these research areas are simultaneously being studied all over the world and often in cooperation between different research groups. Some of the important global themes are connected with: the microbial response to climate change; the production of toxins in food for man and animals; the dispersal, growth and survival of pathogenic organisms in the environment; the microorganisms in pollution control and bioremidiation; and microbiological control with pathogenic organisms.

With the introduction of molecular methods in microbial ecology it seems as if a series of ecological themes will be addressed with appropriate methods. The stability of strains and of populations will be examined, the exchange of genetic material, the adaptation to changing environmental conditions will find new microbial ecology and also of interest for the use of microorganisms by society is expected. *** DIRECT SUPPORT *** AAK17001 00013


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