Atomic Energy

, Volume 77, Issue 3, pp 691–694 | Cite as

Testing of an activation cross sections library according to integral data

  • O. T. Grudzevich
  • A. V. Zelenetskii
  • A. B. Pashchenko


Comparing the experimental data on the activation of different materials in neutron fluxes, whose spectra are similar to the spectrum of a thermonuclear reactor, to the computational results obtained using the activation cross sections from the ADL-3 library shows the following:

On the whole, the activity data agree well, irrespective of the value and half-lives of the radioactive nuclei;

approximately 10 cases (of the 150 studied) of significant discrepancies, whose analysis requires additional information, for example, knowledge of the uncertainty of the neutron spectrum, especially for the low-energy part of the spectrum, were found; and,

the reasons for the discrepancy in the activity of99mTc accumulated during irradiation of a molybdenum sample could not be determined.


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  • O. T. Grudzevich
  • A. V. Zelenetskii
  • A. B. Pashchenko

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