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Cytomegalovirus infection after organ transplantation: an update with special emphasis on renal transplantation

  • W. J. van Son
  • T. H. The
Review Article


Cytomegalovirus infections are still the most important infectious complications after organ transplantation. Besides historical notes this review will deal with new aspects concerning the epidemiology of the CMV, diagnostic modalities of CMV infection, the delicate counterbalance between the immune system and the CMV, as well as the symptomatology of this infection. Furthermore, aspects like prophylaxis and new, promising therapeutic regimes for treatment of infection will be dealt with. Although this update is applicable for all types of solid organ transplantation, emphasis will be on renal transplantation.

Key words

Kidney transplantation, cytomegalovirus infection Cytomegalovirus infection, in kidney transplantation Cytomegalovirus infection and rejection 


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