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Integrals involving products of bessel functions

  • F. M. Ragab


The integrals\(\int\limits_0^\infty {e^{ - \lambda } \lambda ^{k - 1} K_v (\lambda )K_\mu \left( {x\lambda ^{ \pm \tfrac{1}{n}} } \right)} d\lambda \) and\(\int\limits_0^\infty {e^{ - \lambda } \lambda ^{k - 1} K_v (\lambda )J_\mu \left( {2x\lambda ^{ \pm \tfrac{1}{n}} } \right)} d\lambda \), where n is any positive integer, are evaluated in terms ofMacRobert E-functions and generalized hypergeometric functions.


Positive Integer Bessel Function Hypergeometric Function Generalize Hypergeometric Function 
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