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Some topological properties of vector measures with bounded variation and its applications

  • M. -F. Sainte-Beuve


In this paper, we study the duality between ℜ(T, E′) and\(\mathfrak{C}^b (T) \otimes E\), where ℜ(T, E′) is the space of vector measures with bounded variation, defined on a completely regular Suslin space T, with values in the weak dual space E′ of a separable Fréchet space E;\(\mathfrak{C}^b (T) \otimes E\) is the space of continuous bounded mappings defined on T, with values in a finite dimensional subspace of E. We show that ℜ(T, E′) is a Suslin space when equipped with the weak topology\(\sigma (\mathfrak{M}(T,E'),\mathfrak{C}^b (T) \otimes E)\). Some applications are given: a weak closure's theorem for integrable vector mappings (a generalization of a recent result of Olech), a theorem of integral representation, a theorem of existence of conditional expectation, and finally a theorem of density related to the optimal control theory. A new application of these results is the study of comparison of measures on the unit sphere Sn ofRn, which will be published elsewhere.


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  • M. -F. Sainte-Beuve
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  1. 1.U.S.T.L. MontpellierFrance

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