Hydrotechnical Construction

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Engineering-geologic conditions at the site of the second lock at the dnepr hydroelectric station

  • S. V. Kukhtii
  • L. K. Emets
Papers Approaching the 60TH Anniversary of Soviet Rule


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    The data presented indicate a considerable complexity in the engineering-geologic conditions at the construction site of the second Dnepr lock, due primarily to the high degree of rock jointing related with the effect of a large regional fault. The tectonic conditions predetermined the nonuniform, generally considerable unloading of the flanks of the construction pit and necessitated the use of stabilizing measures.

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    The experience gained by the engineering-geologic surveys and documentation of the construction pit is of great scientific and practical interest, since the creation of such a deep cut into granites is being accomplished for the first time in hydrotechnical construction practice in our country.



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  • S. V. Kukhtii
  • L. K. Emets

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