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Density of a sample bovine cortical bone matrix and its solid constituent in various media

  • Sidney Lees
  • John D. Heeley


The density of a bovine cortical bone matrix sample was found in water, several ethanol-water solutions, and in the dried state. Previously the density of the same mineralized bone was found fresh and when desiccated. The volume in each state was estimated from the dimensional changes axially, tangentially, and radially. Confirmation was found by determining the density of dried specimens upon immersion in xylene. The amount of imbibed xylene provided an estimate of the free pore volume in the dried matrix.

The volume fraction of the solid constituent, S, in the wet matrix was found to be 0.57, from which the density of S in various solutions was calculated. Density of wet matrix in 0.15 M saline: 1.180 g/cc; for dried matrix, 1.246 g/cc. Density of wet S in saline: 1.33 g/cc; for dried S, 1.42 g/cc, which matches published values for collagen molecules.

Dimensional changes between wet and dried state of matrix match published values for artificially cross-linked rat tail tendon fibers. Axially: 1.04, by area: 2.27; by volume: 2.62.

Estimate of intrafibrillar volume, assuming 80% of mineral is within fibrils: 0.73 cc/g dry collagen.

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Bone Collagen Density 


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  • Sidney Lees
    • 1
  • John D. Heeley
    • 1
  1. 1.Bioengineering DepartmentForsyth Dental CenterBostonUSA

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