Hydrotechnical Construction

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Organization of construction works at the “iron gate” hydro development on the Danube

  • Bogolyub Stoimirovich
Foreign Experience and Techniques


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    The main system of concreting the power house by means of three cable cranes, 15 tons each, and the lock by means of tower cranes was the correct choice. An alternative method for constructing the power house would be concreting by means of two parallel 15-ton cable cranes at one level and one 10-ton cable crane located over them along the entire length of the structure.

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    Construction of the foundation sections and manufacture of the structural members, and also the assembly of the cable cranes simultaneous with the construction of the cofferdams, made it possible to begin concreting the structures immediately after draining the foundation pit and completing a small volume of excavation.

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    The low cofferdams, up to 6 m high, in the form of sand-clay embankments, withstood the pressure nicely without special watertight diaphragms or blankets.

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    In constructing similar hydro developments it is recommended to use reinforced structures in an even greater volume.

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    The volume and number of precast reinforced-concrete elements assembled in the main structures proved to be sensible.

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    The pioneer method of damming without constructing a bridge can be used confidently when damming rivers with a rock bottom at a discharge of a bout 3000 m3/sec and drop of 3.5 m.



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