Phase relations and crystallization of glass in the system PbO-GeO2


Thermal properties and chemical compositions of glasses suitable for crystallization of ferro-electric Pb5Ge3O11 are described. The crystallization of lead germanate glass was investigated by DTA and X-ray diffraction. In the range from 62 to 62.5 of PbO in mole per cent, Pb5Ge3O11 was obtained as a single phase after a heat treatment. In the chemical composition around 5PbO·3GeO2 in the binary system of PbO-GeO2, Pb5Ge3O11 and two new phases of Pb3Ge2O7 and Pb3GeO5 were found to exist. The crystal structure of Pb3Ge2O7 had a hexagonal symmetry witha=10.16 Å andc=19.37 Å, and Pb3GeO5 was classified into orthorhombic system witha=4.85 Å,b=15.52 Å and c=11.77 Å.

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