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, Volume 84, Issue 6, pp 1497–1504 | Cite as

The two-dimensional stressed state of a multiconnected anisotropic body with cavities and cracks

  • S. A. Kaloerov
  • E. S. Goryanskaya


We present a method of determining the two-dimensional generalized stress-strain state and the stress intensity factors for an anisotropic body with cylindrical cavities and plane cracks. The method is based on the use of generalized complex potentials, conformal mappings, the method of least squares, and numerical passage to the limit to determine the stress intensity factors. We apply the method to study the stress-strain state and the change in stress intensity factors as functions of the geometric and elastic characteristics of an orthotropic cylinder with one or two cracks, an infinite anisotropic body with elliptic cavities and cracks, and an infinite body with a curvilinear cavity. Five figures. Six tables.


Stressed State Stress Intensity Intensity Factor Stress Intensity Factor Conformal Mapping 


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  • S. A. Kaloerov
  • E. S. Goryanskaya

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