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Japanese hadron facility plans and future μSR

  • K. Nagamine
Facilities, Outlooks


The proposed next major science project in Japan, the high intensity 1 GeV proton accelerator with unique beam characteristics, is described here. It will supply a proton beam of more than 100 μA in either de mode or sharply pulsed mode (down to 10 ns), using a specially designed time structure conversion ring. The beam will be used for keV μ+ generation at the production target, MeV surface μ+ production and 10 MeV decay μ+ and μ production, as well as a possible slow μ production. All of these unique muon beams will be developed for the next generation of μSR experiments. With the development of the keV μ+ source particularly in mind, a pilot station is now under construction at UT-MSL/KEK. Possible new μSR experiments are also reviewed.


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  • K. Nagamine
    • 1
  1. 1.Meson Science LaboratoryUniversity of Tokyo (UT-MSL)TokyoJapan

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