Hydrotechnical Construction

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Hydrodynamics of estuaries and tsunami

  • A. V. Mikhailov
In the Soviet National IAHR Committee


The papers presented at the Congress on the subject of the session and the considerations included in the general reports and in the discussions contained many interesting ideas, of which we consider the following as the most valuable and interesting for Soviet hydrotechnical activity: p]
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    The new theoretical solution and experimental data on the dispersion and diffusion of streams in estuaries during tides, new data on the transformation in the shore zone of tide, tsunami, and wind waves, and the methods of their computation, using digital computers. The results of the investigations on the transformation of waves in shallow waters, on the oscillations of water levels, and on sediment movement caused by bars are useful for the determination of the wave regime at the river mouths, at the shores, and in harbors subjected to the effect of long-period waves.

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    The first attempts to solve theoretically or by models the little-investigated problem of the effect of density strafication on the diffusion and flow in estuaries, the methodology of computation and modelling diffusion in the case of disposal of cooling water from thermoelectric plants and of waste waters in the nearshore areas of the sea, and also the results of new experimental investigations of these problems.



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