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Excavation of the dam insets in the construction of the chirchik hydroelectric station

  • N. I. Mamchenkov
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    The system adopted for excavating the rocky soil in the construction of a structure with an outstandingly complex configuration provided an engineering solution to the problem, enabling excavation of the insets to be speeded up by a factor of 1.5 to 2, with a considerable saving.

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    One of the main conditions of contour blasting is the simultaneous formation of a slot around the entire contour of the excavation. Blasting of the contour bore holes in sections results in disintegration of the slopes at the points where the blasting meets. The cleavage planes must be matched along a radius not less than 5 m. Connection of the cleavage planes at an angle does not preserve the edge at the points of contact of the planes.

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    The formation of screens between series in rocks with advanced fissuring provides smooth working of the excavators, enables drilling to be carried out simultaneously on the subsequent series and eliminates repeated trimming of the terrace.

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    The quality of contour blasting depends mainly on correct location of the contour bore holes at the given cleavage planes and on the quality of charging with dispersed charges.



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