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Virtue ethics and anti-theory

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The roots of this essay lie in a panel discussion in which I participated on “The State of Virtue Theory Today”, held in conjunction with a conference on The Virtues at the University of San Diego in February, 1986. I would like to thank panel chair and conference organizer Lawrence Hinman for inviting me to participate, and fellow panelists Robert C. Roberts, David J. Depew, Gary Watson, and Arthur Flemming for challenging me to think further on the topic. An earlier version of the paper was presented at the University of Maine at Machias in May, 1988. I would like to thank Jon Reisman for inviting me to present the material, and Louis Pojman, Stanley Clarke, and Robert Roberts for helpful criticisms of an earlier written draft.

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Louden, R.B. Virtue ethics and anti-theory. Philosophia 20, 93–114 (1990).

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