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Chimpanzee triplets born in captivity

  • Mark A. Rosenthal
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A female chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) gave birth to triplets at the Lincoln Park Zoological Gardens, Chicago, Illinois. Of the three infants born, only one survived. The other two, both sexed as males, were dead when they were discovered. When pathology was done on these infants, it was found that aside from being underweight, chimpanzee No. 1 was 930 g and chimpanzee No. 2, 630 g, the animals had never developed a brain. The female nursed the surviving male infant for six days till it was taken for hand-rearing. The infant was in a weakened condition and weighed 890 g. He died on the next day. This is possibly the first birth of triplet chimpanzees in a North American zoological garden.


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  • Mark A. Rosenthal
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