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Procedure for determination of optimal depth of anchors with base slabs in soft soils

  • L. N. Dzhioev


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    The strength of anchors with base slabs embedded in different types of soils increases with depth only up to a definite, comparatively small limit, after which it remains practically constant. Hence, the optimal depth of such anchors can be determined from Eq. (2), in which the first term represents the soil resistance to the condition causing plastic deformations in the soil without their stabilization with time, and the second term represents the soil resistance to movement.

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    According to data from the writer's experimental investigations, the optimal depth of anchors with base slabs is small. Depending on the base slab dimensions, in loesslike soils it varies within the range from\(5 \sqrt F to 2\sqrt F \), with the ratio\(\lambda = h_{opt} /\sqrt F \) decreasing as F increases (F is the base slab area).



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