Hydrotechnical Construction

, Volume 1, Issue 7, pp 595–601 | Cite as

Thirty years of operation of the equipment of the Ivan'kovo hydroelectric power station

  • V. S. Gorbachev
  • N. V. Shuravin
Papers Meeting the 50th Anniversary of Soviet Power


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    Thirty years' experience of operating a hydroelectric power station of the outdoor type in a temperate climatic belt showed that the difficulties encountered did not lead to great complications or to an increase of operating expenditures; the building of this type of power plant is justified.

  2. 2.

    Complete automation of the power plant made it possible to eliminate emergencies, losses, and troubles in the operation of the units and markedly increased the accuracy and reliability of their operation. The reliability of operation is largely determined by the quality of manufacture of the units: the runners of the turbines of the Ivan'kovo station have been operating thirty years without dismantling the blades, the seals of which do not leak oil. With this quality of manufacture, as experience has shown, the turbines of hydraulic plants can operate without major repair for 100–15-,000 h.

  3. 3.

    Of value for improving operation is systematic inspection and analysis of the work of the equipment components, which permits lengthening appreciably the interrepair run of the turbine bearings, runners, thrust bearings of the generators, and other elements and increases the operational reliability of the equipment with a decrease of operating expenses.



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