Hydrotechnical Construction

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Organization of centralized repair of the Dnieper sequence of hydroelectric power stations

  • A. G. Sharkhunov
  • A. Ya. Lur'e
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    The problem of introducing and organizing major repairs of buildings and structures of the hydroelectric power plants of the Dnieper sequence and of the hydraulic and electrical equipment is quite urgent and requires immediate solution.

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    At the first stage it is possible to accomplish centralized major repairs of buildings and structures of the power plants and subsequently the repair of hydraulic and electrical equipment.

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    The timely creation at the Dneprodzerzhinsk Hydroelectric Power Station of a specialized central base for major repairs of structures of the power stations of the Dnieper sequence will permit eliminating completely the service of contractors and will make it possible: a) to fulfill the plan of repair works by 100% with less expenditures for the creation of the centralized base; b) to reduce the number of personnel of hydroelectric power stations by transferring workers of the nonindustrial groups to the staffs of the centralized base while retaining them at their former place of residence; c) to concentrate, if necessary, large material and human resources on a power plant being repaired by transferring personnel from other sections; d) to improve the technology of repairs owing to specialized organization and to select needed materials of a good quality, including durable paints.



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