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Cavitation resistance of concrete used in hydraulic engineering

  • R. A. Arutyunov
  • L. N. Gomolko
Papers On the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Soviet Union


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    Cavitation resistance of concretes is closely related to their compressive strengths; the cavitation resistance falls as the strength becomes less, but increase of the strength beyond 500 kg/cm2 produces little increase in cavitation resistance. For linings of conduits, concrete should be used with compressive strength of 450–500 kg/cm2.

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    The parameters of the concrete influence its cavitation resistance in such measure as they improve its strength. For concretes with high cavitation resistance, we would recommend the use of Portland cements with activities of 500–600 kg/cm2, with strong, dense fillers.

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    The method of consolidation and setting has a marked effect on the cavitation resistance of concrete. Hence in concreting the linings of water conduits we must take special measures to get a high-quality surface layer of concrete.

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    Polymer materials are promising for use as linings of outflow channels in high-head water power plants.



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  • L. N. Gomolko

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