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Effective paints for the anticorrosion protection of metal structures in hydroelectric stations

  • Yu. S. Petrov


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    To justify the use and differentiate the areas of use of various paints proposed for the anticorrosion protection of hydromechanical equipment [1], we conducted systematic studies of the variation in the bend resistance, impact resistance, adhesion, and electric volume resistivity of KhS-720, KhV-74, ÉFAZhS, and ÉKZhS-40 coatings under conditions approximating those on metal structures at hydroelectric stations. These properties were selected as characteristics of the protective capacity of the coatings under a given set of conditions.

  2. 2.

    According to the results of the studies, the KhS-720 and KhV-74 paints applied over a VL-02 rust-proofing primer can be considered the current optimum variant for the anticorrosion protection of hydromechanical and water-power equipment that operate in water at hydroelectric stations.

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    An experimental introduction of these alternate schemes of coatings, which was overseen by the B. E. Vedeneev All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering at the Iova, Kakhovka, and Narva hydroelectric stations, confirmed the practical feasibility of the widespread use of these coatings.



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