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Method of calculating seepage through a high earth dam with cracks in the core

  • V. P. Nedriga
  • M. P. Malyshev
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    Substantiation of the reliability of earth dams when the integrity of the cutoff core has been disrupted is quite important and necessary, since for high dams crack formation is possible owing to the nonuniform deformations of the core material and as a result of seismic forces.

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    The method proposed for calculating percolation through a core with a transverse crack permits determining the expected percolation conditions in cracks and estimating the percolation stability of the cutoff element of of an earth dam with consideration of crack formation. The check of percolation stability consists of first determining the velocities in the cracks by calculation on the basis of the given degree of cracking, and then under laboratory conditions investigating the erodibility of the core soils along cracks for the velocities found.



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  • V. P. Nedriga
  • M. P. Malyshev

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