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Full-scale investigations of high concrete dams under rigorous climatic conditions

  • V. V. Blinkov
  • É. K. Aleksandrovskaya
At Target Structures


An evaluation of the operation and condition of large hydraulic structures under rigorous climatic conditions can be accomplished by means of full-scale investigations and observations. This includes investigations of the temperature regime, stresses, cracking, opening of joints, displacements, of the structure and rock foundation, and percolation and ice regimes.

Full-scale investigations and observations on the Mamakan, Bukhtarma, Ust'-Kamenogorsk, Bratsk, and Krasnoyarsk dams revealed a quite considerable role of thermal effects on the static operation of structures located in a rigorous climatic zone: on their stress state, displacements, and percolation. Simultaneously difficulties were revealed in the performance of full-scale investigations related with the specific operating conditions. The experience obtained showed that a number of problems of the method and equipment of full-scale investigations and observations under rigorous climatic conditions require further elaboration.


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  • V. V. Blinkov
  • É. K. Aleksandrovskaya

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