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Determination of the allowable pressure on rock foudations of hydraulic structures

  • A. A. Kagan
  • S. A. Frid


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    The concept of “allowable pressure” on the rock foundations of hydraulic structures has a definite physical and analytical sense. Its value is, on the one hand, a characteristic of the behavior of rock under the loads, and, on the other, a criterion of the limit of applicability of current methods for analysis of structure jointly with their foundations. Beyond the limits of the allowable pressure, we should expect the beginning of foundation failure and simultaneous disturbance of the linear relation between the load and the deformation, which is used at the present time for analytical and other investigation.

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    The disturbances of the rock foundation which lead to its failure are discovered only by applying loads inclined or tangential to the foundation surface. Under the action of only the normal load, the value of the allowable pressure is so high that it exceeds the values of the loads transmitted by modern structures. The allowable pressure can be that obtained by introducing the reducing coefficient into the pressure which engenders a limiting shearing stress, such that any higher values cause failure of the foundation.

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    Determination of the allowable load in the design of hydraulic structures is necessary, first of all, for high arch dams, whose specific pressure on the foundations may reach 90–100 kg/cm2.

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    The value of the allowable pressure can be determined from the graph of the relation between the rate of deformation and the load, constructed from the results of field tests, as shown in this article.



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  • S. A. Frid

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