Hydrotechnical Construction

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Settling of structures of the Kakhovsk hydroelectric center

  • V. T. Chibisov


As a rule settlement of the spillway dam, the HES building, the locks, and the flood-plain, and above fooddplain dams of the Kakhovsk hydroelectric center did not exceed the calculated. Graphs for the concrete structures, except for the upper approach, show a stabilization by the end of 1965. In the earth channel dam, resting on thick silts, settlement decreased by the end of 1965, and now is insignificant due only to the compaction of silts. The most critical period, that of a possible squeezing of silts from under the dam foundation, has now passed and the dam is quite stable. This is of great interest inasmuch as the instances of hydraulic construction upon such silty grounds are very few in world practice.


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